Another gift I was given during my sabbatical was an opportunity to travel to Burma (Myanmar) with my friend Brandi and an amazing non-profit organization, Uncharted International.  After several pre-trip meetings to talk about goals and meet the entire team, I boarded a plane for the 10/40 Window.  Since I was the only one coming from Nashville, I met the team in L.A.  Then it was on to Taiwan, where the cultural transition began.

From Taiwan, we flew to Burma.  We arrived during rainy season and I have never experienced heat like that in my life! We spent time in orphanages, teaching, building, singing, dancing, and playing with kids.  I was humbled by the love I received from the children who adopted me those days.  Basic necessities I take for granted were scarce, but smiles and affection were poured out in abundance.

It’s impossible for words to express the impact that trip has had on my life.  Being totally disconnected from the familiar with the sole intention of serving was nourishment for my spirit.  Experiencing it with one of my dearest friends is something we both cherish.  My thoughts and prayers surround my Burmese family and I hope one day to return.