In January 2011, I decided to do something different.

After much deliberation and wrestling in prayer, I left my successful corporate career to pursue my dream of being a full time artist. Armed with a bit of savings,  fierce determination and LOTS of ideas, I took steps of faith to pursue my hearts desire. Until now, I’ve blogged mostly about card making, which I really enjoy.  However, my first artistic love is pottery.

I was blessed to have a wonderful art teacher named Mrs Dowhie for most of my elementary education.  She encouraged my creativity in so many ways! One very memorable day,when I was nine years old, she set up a pottery wheel outside and had me and another classmate stay after school.  This is what I made-

My first piece made on the pottery wheel.

My time on the wheel that day and the resulting little purple pot sparked a lifelong desire in me to create with clay. Now, over twenty years later, it’s what I get to do each and every day.  I am so blessed and excited to be doing something different.