I am perplexed. Puzzled. Befuddled.

Today a friend and I went to a decent sushi shop for lunch.  We had service that was less than impressive, but at the end of the meal, came a real shocker.  I asked the waitress for a bowl of red bean ice cream and, after glancing around the restaurant, she replied, “We don’t have time.”  The restaurant was not packed out, there was no one waiting for my seat.  I was caught completely off guard and almost laughed out loud.  My friend looked shocked. 

“We’re out” or even “We don’t serve that anymore” are answers I would understand.  How does one in the hospitality industry determine which menu selections warrant said time? Sushi, yes. Miso soup, yes. Ice cream, no.  It’s like a Saturday Night Live skit. “The Choosey Waitress”.

If you wait tables for a living and can’t find the time to bring someone the item they ordered, you might want to re-think your vocation.  Or loosen up your schedule. 🙂