While I was sick and listless, I got to thinking about how over the last few months I have become blissfully list-less.  Allow me to explain.

For as long as I can remember I have  functioned with a list at my side, a crutch I adopted sometime in my formative years, and carried into adulthood.  Once I became active in Mary Kay, the Six Most Important Things to do list became a part of my daily routine.  This list, and all others before and since, was simply to guide me to and through various tasks throughout my days and weeks…or so I thought.

About 9 months ago, I started to notice the lists I once thought of as friendly helpers,  were  beginning to look more and more like schoolyard bullies.  Instead of getting a sense of accomplishment for completing one or some of the items on my Post It,  I began to feel I had not done near enough in the day.  Even when I did complete all items, I would often find myself adding new ones, that would then go unfinished and would taunt me until they were checked off, only to be replaced by more, more, MORE!  The list and my interaction with it was starting to wear me out!

So, after a bit of deliberation,  I decided to ditch the list. It was difficult at first, but liberating as well.  I still get a lot done each day, but don’t have the stress of the glaring listed items that DON’T get done.  That was the real issue for me.  Now don’t get me wrong, I still make a list of things to pack when going on a trip, we make a grocery list, so as not to forget the goat milk yogurt, etc.  But the lists that once ruled my life have disappeared.  And I say good riddance to them!  They served a purpose for a time and are still utilized on the odd occasion, but now I appreciate a more flexible way of thinking and doing. I like not relying on ideals on  ink and paper to judge the value of my waking hours.  I am happy to be List-less.

What old habits have you happily kicked to the curb?

And now, a card. I am totally addicted to Stampin Up’s Dazzling Diamonds Glitter.  I stamped this butterfly( not sure the company who makes it), colored it in, then put the dazzling diamonds over top.  The colors from the image show through, making this glitter so incredibly versatile! I did pop the glittery wing of the butterfly for dimension.  With the exception of the ribbon, all other items used are SU!