We’ve all heard that each dark cloud has a silver lining, and today is proof positive for me it’s true. Despite the fact I got very sick last night and am still totally wiped out and nauseated, little sparkly bits of the proverberial silver lining have brightened my day. For starters, my servant hearted neighbor brought me Gatorade, ginger ale, Real Fruit popsicles and a collection of chick flicks. How nice is that?!

Second, it’s beginning to look a lot like springtime, everywhere you go! (take a look at the five and ten, glistening once again…:) The tree outside my bedroom window is coming to life with fresh, green, leafy buds, and shiny red berries. Third, I was able to sit outside in the sunshine and read my mail, getting a much needed, solar re-charge. Even now, as I wait for my wonderful husband to come home bearing Saltines, I have the time to blog for the first time in a month!

So while I wouldn’t have chosen for today to go the way it has, I am thankful for the blessings I have been given in the unexpected. In the Little House Books, Laura Ingalls Wilder says something to the effect of, “There is never a loss without some small gain”, and I heartily agree.

NOW for a new card post! My friend Brandi said she is tired of looking at this truck card every time she checks my blog- and right she is! Here are some samples of cards I made for Valentines Day, and one I made for my nieces birthday. I like how simple the V-day cards are, and the sparkle on the birds party hat.  All products are SU!

Valentine 1

Valentine 2

Bird day