After a week full of family and holiday happenings, David and I were ready to relax and enjoy today together. We went to pick up some things I had left at my brothers and to the grocery for last minute additions to our late lunch. We were out of the house less than an hour. As we walked in, we could hear a strange sound. An intense rushing, gushing, splashing, like the sound of a waterfall was coming from our first floor half bath. The entire first floor, with the exception of the area right in front of the first door, was covered in standing water. This was not how we wanted to spend the afternoon!

I found the situation less distressing than my husband, which, believe me, is not usually the case. He is usally the one with a more laid back perspective, but not today. He has been working his tail off the last few weeks, as holidays mean busy working hours for retailers, esp those who sell wine and spirits! Just yesterday he had a champagne bottle explode at the top of a display he had just re-built, so I know drying and wet vac-ing was not how he wanted to spend this Sunday.

Lucky for us we have a great family of believers who surround us. Neighbors from both sides brought us help in the form of towels, fans and laundry detergent (lots of wet towels to wash!) and my brother came at my call with towels and a shop vac. We had the place reasonably dry in just a couple hours, which, in the grand scheme is certainly not a big deal at all. Most people spend more time than that each day watching something completely assanine and irrelevant on television. I am just thankful we still rent & have renters insurance (which I hope we don’t have to use- the water was clean and the only possible damage was to our sofa), and that someone else will have to come fix the seal or pipe or whatever it was that busted loose in the bathroom that drowned our floors. In fact, the more I think of it the more I realize we are really lucky we came home when we did, weren’t gone long, have wonderful people surrounding us for support in minor (and i am sure, major) crisis’, and weren’t electrocuted when we came in because we had live plugs laying in the pools of water we walked through. For me it amounted to some time strategically placing towels, a couple more loads of laundry and a good opportunity to count my many blessings.

These are some pics of the afternoon.

Water damage

shop vac
pile o' towels and the color of my walls is the best ever.