These are some cards I made for Christmas a couple years ago. The first was for a card swap when I lived in Indiana (so, at least three years ago) and the other was either last year or the one before. I really like to use non-traditional colors (just ask Stephanie!) and pink has been a hue of choice since I became an MK lady in 2000.
card swap Christmas

Pink/Green holidays

A very long personal note: I realize that the phrase “Happy Holidays” has been a point of controversy the last few years, especially with retailers mandating terminology and what have you, but I do not personally take offense OR mean anything by using the stamped phrase other than just what it says. “Happy Holidays” for me is useful, as it includes Christmas, New Years and the days leading up to those, etc. What I DO find offensive, and pretty much obnoxious, is that some well meaning folks have taken it on as a personal crusade to counter such “worldly” holiday pleasantries by wielding the once happy phrase “Merry Christmas” as a social sword, dismembering those godless souls who fail to bow to it’s glory as a superior greeting. I mean, Christmas is about Jesus, yes (in it’s purest, most ideal form). It has also become an American cultural holiday (way beyond faith based bounds), celebrated by those who love the Lord, and those who don’t.

Even those of us who love Christ don’t always spend the season steeped in the beauty and majesty of the Holy Gift we were given. We Christians sing songs like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Jingle Bell Rock because we like them and they convey a certain amount of cheer. We adorn an evergreen tree in our home, real or otherwise, and who knows why? We buy gifts for people we don’t care to even see or communicate with the rest of the year and consume mass amounts of food, and what exactly is the point? We happily (or begrudgingly) participate in the retail frenzy that can result in some of those same well meaning “Merry Christmas” crusaders cussing someone over at Toys R Them because the latest hoola hooping, bubble blowing, cupcake baking Elmo is out of stock, which they somehow believe makes it impossible for little children named after Bible heros to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

Jesus is love, which is unfathomable and overwhelming. It cannot be contained or expressed in any four syllables, but rather, is expressed in the way we love and honor our God by doing the same for our fellow man. Serving, loving, forgiving and the like are more meaningful than any flip catch phrase. I encourage you, as I encourage myself, to take a deeper look at the things you say and do each day, the personal points of contention you adopt and the battles you choose to fight. Do they have more to do with you than they do others? Do they make you feel somehow self righteous? Are they based on your personal preferences and/or agenda? Or are they based on your love for people and the Father who created us? I believe a focus on the latter will change all the former in time…Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. 🙂