Today I am thankful for my home.  I really like where we live right now. It’s centrally located, we have great neighbors and it’s C-H-E-A-P!  We have plenty of room for things like stampin’, sleepin’, eatin’, (though we could do with some more space for cookin’), but not so much room that our meager furnishings look awkward.  On that note, I am also thankful that we plan to get new living room furniture soon! That’s right, for the first time in our marriage, we will actually be acquiring home goods that are not hand me downs.  This will be quite the adjustment.  I am looking forward to having a comfortable space to entertain! It will be a couple months, and some planning is in the works, even as I type.  Now, if i can just get David to go for these pillows by Thomas Paul

We moved in to our current abode just at a year ago.  The card below was done for a friend who was moving (Hi Scissor Mar!) See how this is all tying together?  While I am at it, let me say I am thankful we are not moving again this year…


Last, but not least, I am thankful for background stamps, without which, this card would not have been possible.  All supplies are SU!