I was looking for pictures from high school for my upcoming 10 year reunion, when I came upon a small stash of cards I made for David a few years ago.  They made me realize how my style has changed since I first started stamping in 2004.  Then, with my very limited supplies, I tended towards a more vintage, eclectic, layered look.  This past year I have switched gears a bit to a cleaner, crisper style.  I have seen the same changes occurring in my decorating and fashion preferences.  It’s fun to recognize the parallels.

How has your personal and/or artistic style morph over the past few years?  Have you done anything to document this change?

The palm tree card was made for our third anniversary, the sundae for our fourth.  All supplies are SU!



Another thing I’ve noticed,  even though my husband values a clutter free lifestyle, he does have a sentimental side that causes him to keep small memorabilia- love that it pertains to me!