I made and gave this card about a year ago after a friend treated me to lunch.  I like the staples on the tags-fun to use everyday office items in projects.  Other than that, I used all SU products.

I also chose this card because I made some delectable sweet potato oven fries for dinner and am still thinking about how delicious they were! (not to mention nutritious, bonus!) My husband is camping and normally when he is gone i don’t cook for myself, but rather subsist on black bean burritos and random snacks when my tummy growls. Tonight i actually took the time to have a full out meal (not like the eggs, orange, milk and Oreos I had for breakfast- seriously).  I heated up leftover pot roast, steamed some crazy looking beans we got from our CSA and baked some fries seasoned with olive oil, salt, garlic, and rosemary. Yum!